Reliable and Modular Dust Extraction Systems for Efficient Waste Extraction & Handling

Having manufactured Dust Extraction Systems since 1921, we have built up a large know-how regarding dust collector technology. Since then, we have supplied and supported modular dust collection filters for some of the largest manufacturing companies worldwide.

Customized Solutions for Your Needs

For a dust extraction system to operate optimally, it is important that it has been designed to the specific working situation and environment, taking into account operation frequency, material type, material loading, space and air quantity. At Moldow we design our dust extraction system with the specific working environment and situation in mind, which ensures delivery of the most reliable and efficient dust collection system possible. This is not always the cheapest solution, however it is the best.

A Moldow dust collection system is characterized by:

  • high efficiency
  • low energy consumption
  • explosion-safe design.

This results in low operating costs without sacrificing operational efficiency and reliability.

Up to 70% Energy Savings

A Moldow Dust Collection System in combination with our Energy Manager Control System and highly efficient fans guaranties an energy optimized, reliable and durable dust collection system that uses up to 70% less energy than traditional and competing systems.

All Moldow filters are modular in design which makes it possible to easily and economically customize each filter to the specific company’s requirements and facilities. It also future proofs the filter, as it can readily be extended if demands in air volume increase.

Explosion Safe Filter Design

Explosion safety is a key decision factor for manufacturing companies looking for a dust collection system – and with good reason. Our customers are always ensured systems with the highest safety level. At Moldow we manufacture our own certified products which enables us to always be at the forefront of current legislation. Learn more about our ATEX filters and system.

May we help you with ensuring correct, efficient dust extraction & filtration?


Dust Extraction System

Dust Extraction and Filtration System

ATEX Dust Collector

MHL Dust Collector System

  • Dust Extraction Systems since 1921

  • Reliable operation 24/7
  • Up to 70% Energy Savings

  • Modular Design for Easy Expansion


At Moldow we work hard every day to ensure that our dust collectors and all other products live up to the most recent and current legislation and regulations, and by manufacturing our own certified products we are able to always be at the forefront of current legislation. So not only are Moldow’s filters as energy efficient as possible, they also meet the highest requirements in safety.

Moldow filters are designed to handle explosive atmospheres (ATEX). This means that the systems provide increased protection against explosions by eliminating spark creation.

In the unlikely event that dust should be ignited due to an external ignition source and a deflagration occur, the filter’s explosion venting components ensure that pressure will be relieved in a safe way leaving the dust collector structurally intact and without causing the creation of projectiles which can harm personnel and property.

Further, systems including rotary valve can be equipped with integrated pressure sensor to perform interlock based shutdown of the complete extraction system in the case of pressure increase due to a deflagration within the filter.

To ensure the high efficiency of the whole system, Moldow also offers a full range of fans that are likewise designed for ATEX.

Please contact us to learn more about our filters and products for ATEX and NFPA standards.

Dust Extraction System

Moldow assists you in every stage of the project:

Initial request • We assesse your needs and facilities to determine which dust extraction system will be the best based on your requirements and priorities.

Quotation • You receive a detailed quotation from us specifying the filter type, air quantities, price, delivery time etc. to give you a complete overview of the cost and time schedule of your project.

Production • After having received the order confirmation from you, we begin manufacturing the filter and equipment at our production facilities in Denmark which ensure the same high quality at all times.

Delivery & Installation • The system is shipped to your location, where it is assembled and installed under supervision of an experienced supervisor to ensure correct and trouble-free installation.

Commissioning & Training • The experienced supervisor takes care of the commissioning of the system and training of the staff that will be operating the system daily. The system is also supplied with detailed instruction manuals for future reference and guidance.

Maintenance & Service • Periodic maintenance and inspection of your system is a necessity to ensure reliable and efficient operation. We can assist you in this, and our service department is available 24/7/365.