Dust collectorAir filtration specialist Moldow A/S has supplied three specially-designed, energy efficient dust extraction systems for acoustic panels manufacturer Troldtekt A/S’ 13,000 cubic meters production hall in Denmark.

Troldtekt has opened a brand new production line in Troldhede, Denmark, where they manufacture the world-renowned acoustic panels of wood and cement.

The material processing in the 320-meter-long production hall entails a large need for extraction and filtration of the dust-filled air as well as ventilation of the hall. The three Moldow filters and heat exchanger take care of that ensuring a safe working environment.

Sustainable Production and Concern for the Environment

Energy efficiency and sustainability have been keywords in the design of their new production line. With a production dating back to 1935, Troldtekt is built on proud traditions and also takes the lead when it comes to environmental considerations.

Having been developed with extreme focus on energy efficiency, Moldow’s extraction systems largely comply with Troldtekt’s requirements for sustainable production.

– The way the filter and fan are designed together with the frequency converters make the systems very energy-efficient compared to traditional extraction systems, Sales Engineer from Moldow, Vagn Winum, explains.

– As a part of the project we’ve also supplied a large heat exchange unit for 50,000 m3/h for ventilation and air renewal. The reuse of the heat from the hardening process and the 73% efficiency of the heat exchanger ensure large energy savings on the production hall ventilation, Vagn Winum says.

Troldtekt has also set the goal to recycle the waste materials from the production.

– When the waste material has been separated from the air in the filter, it is discharged, collected in containers and then recycled. The cement content is used as a raw material in new cement, and the wood waste is used for production of bio wood pellets, Orla Jepsen explains.

System for Extraction and Filtration of Dust-filled Air

The Danish extraction specialist was in charge of dimensioning, manufacturing and installing the dust extraction systems.

– Having cooperated with Troldtekt for many years, we were proud to be chosen as the supplier of their new extraction systems. Their demands for efficient production and the mixture of wood and cement in the air place special demands on our systems and solutions. We’re very pleased that Troldtekt had faith that we could lift the task, says Vagn Winum.

The scope of delivery included three MHL filters with rotary valves, six fans with noise cabins, a heat exchanger, cyclones and ductwork including air intake and return.

– Based on our previous cooperation, we knew that Moldow has a strong engineering department, and we were convinced that they could provide us with the right, reliable extraction solution. In addition, their service department and high system efficiency have been crucial factors for us, explains Orla Jepsen, Production Manager at Troldtekt.

– With the mixture of wood and cement in the extracted air, we had to develop a new bottom part for the filters to ensure operational safety and long service life. As the cement dust is very abrasive, we’ve minimized the number of moving parts to thereby minimize the need and cost of maintenance, Vagn Winum explains.

Previous Cooperation on Air Extraction and Filtration

The cooperation between Moldow and Troldtekt began several years ago.

With a 220,000 cubic meters production area, Troldtekt has several existing production halls which also use Moldow’s extraction systems and dust collectors. You will find among others two additional Moldow filters, one with silo and one with a DanSep pre-separating unit, and another heat exchanger.

– Of course we’re always happy when a customer chooses us again when expanding their production. This means that our products, solutions and service have met their expectations, Vagn Winum says.

In other cases, and if the sorroundings allow it, it would be possible to expand the exsisting filter unit thanks to the modular design of the Moldow MHL filters, if the extraction needs rise.

Customer Troldtekt A/S
Location Denmark
Waste type Wood and cement
Product 3 x MHL and 1 x MHLS
Air Quantity 132,000 m3/h
Fans 4 x Moldow fan

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