Moldow A/S is the result of a fusion of the two companies H. Moldow and Jørgen Hansens Maskinfabrik, who worked within the same industry. H. Moldow A/S specialized in export, whereas Jørgen Hansen Maskinfabrik A/S expanded their market share in Denmark and started its own production of industrial fans.

H. Moldow A/S was founded in 1921 in Copenhagen. Over the years, the company grew to have two areas of specialization using air technology in filter systems and spray painting lines.

Jørgen Hansen Maskinfabrik A/S was established in 1960 with the purpose of manufacturing ventilation units, but over the years filter systems and painting plants were added to the product range as well. The company also began its own production of industrial fans.

JHM-Moldow A/S was founded in 2003 after Jørgen Hansen Maskinfabrik A/S took over Moldow Systems A/S, and the two companies were merged.

On January 1st 2010, the company name was changed to Moldow A/S.

Up until October 2016, Moldow also sold industrial fans, but the sale of those Moldow-manufactured fans was moved to Moldow’s sister company BarkerBille A/S. They sell the same fans in the same high quality as before, so please visit their website if you are looking for an industrial fan.