Dust extraction system with fansQuality is the cornerstone of Dinesen Floors A/S’ business model. Located in Denmark, the company produces ultra-high quality wood flooring solutions and other exclusive wood product solutions. Dinesen caters to the high-end market where quality is an absolute selling point. To exist within this market, the company requires the highest standards of production which is achieved through the investment in state-of-the-art production facilities.

When the time came to open a new factory to supply large quantities of solid oak flooring on a daily basis, a reliable dust collector system was needed. And when Dinesen had to decide who was going to supply this new filter, Moldow was chosen:

In every decision regarding our new oak factory we have focused on choosing the very best solution. Reliablity and uptime have been crucial to our selection of equipment suppliers, and taking this into consideration, Moldow’s extraction solutions fit perfectly, Head of Production at Dinesen, Ole Buelund explains.

Reliable, efficient Dust Extraction System for Floors Manufacturer

Outside the new production facilities in Denmark, a large negative pressure MHL filter system with a capacity for 80,000 m3/h is now installed, including four fans, a cyclone and a waste transport system emptying into closed containers.

– Throughout the project, the focus has been on designing an energy efficient solution that is able to extract the large air quantities without compromizing the balance in the building, Moldow’s Sales Engineer, Vagn Winum explains.

– The air balance in the building is ensured by returning 80% of the extracted air back to the machine enclosures while the last 20% is used by the exchange unit to heat fresh air which is then returned to the factory floor, Vagn Winum points out and adds that this solution ensures a better working environment and large energy savings.

Dinesen is very pleased with the final result and they were also very happy with Moldow’s project process as Head of Production Ole Buelund points out: – “Moldow has designed and supplied a very satisfying solution that we are very pleased with. At the same time, the work carried out in connection with installation and maintenance has been superb.”

Large savings of 150,000 kWh/year

Production companies all over the world focus on achieving energy savings and optimization, and Dinesen Floors is no exception.

They have chosen a solution that ensures large energy savings on their dust extraction thanks to an efficient filter system with minimal loss of pressure, highly efficient frequency-controlled fans plus the integrated Moldow Energy Manager system which provides control of dampers at every machine and regulates the air quantity in the system based upon which machines are operating.

– The system is managed by an advanced control system that ensures large energy savings by adjusting the air flow from the fans to the actual extraction need. This way, the number of running machines, and thereby the amount of air and chips needed to be extracted to the filter, determines the extraction air flow, Vagn Winum explains.

However, multiple factors contribute to the total energy savings:

– “The design of the MHL filter itself contributes to the large savings compared to other types of filters on the market, as the air velocity in the filter is lower, the pressure loss is minimal, and the bag cleaning is very efficient. The return air to the machines and the heat exchanger is also an important factor when designing an energy optimized system as the extracted air and heat is recovered and sent back to the machines and production facilities.”

Calculations show that Dinesen saves no less than 150,000 kWh/year on the extraction itself, compared to if they had chosen a traditional extraction system.

Advanced material emptying system

This dust extraction system for wooden floors is designed with a pneumatic transport system including fan and ducting with changeover dampers for three containers. The system runs in a closed loop system ensuring material is only deposited in the containers with no spillage. Due to the large amount of material produced, a total of three containers have been implemented.

When a container is full and needs to be emptied, a transport company is notified automatically, and the changeover dampers allow for the control of which container is used.

Customer Dinesen Floors A/S
Location Jels, Denmark
Waste type Chips and dust
Product 1 x MHL – ATEX
Air Quantity 80,000 m3/h
Heat Exchanger FVK for 25,000 m3/h

MHL dust extraction with a cyclone seperatorCyclone, ventilation system and baghouse filter