Painting Line Design According to Specific Needs

The design of a painting line can range from being fully manual with both the transportation from one process to another and the paint application being handled manually to a semiautomatic or full automatic painting line, where the transportation and/or application is automated.

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Manual Painting Line

A manual painting line is suitable when flexibility is crucial, e.g. when painting large, complex items or items of varying sizes and shapes. With many color changes, a manual paint application can also be the best solution.

The painting lines are designed with the required boxes and cabines for cleaning, pre-treatment, application and curing, and all processes are separated and ventilated according to needs.

Automatic Paint Shops

If there is a need for a painting line with large capacity, a full-automatic paint shop is the best way to ensure an efficient and reliable painting process. In other situations, a semi-automatic line with manual handling of some of the processes can be the best solution.

In a fully automatic painting plant, the items are transported automatically from one process zone to another either on overhead conveyor, floor-mounted conveyor, power and free-conveyor or roller conveyor, and the paint application is performed by use of robots.

The complexity of an automatic painting line varies a lot depending on item type, capacity needs and surface treatment. Moldow’s many years of experience makes us specialists in designing these complex painting lines, where the design and composition of the different process zones ensure a final result that meets expectations.


Moldow designs, manufactures and supplies complete painting lines for wet paint and powder coating of metal, plastic and wooden items. This means that in our delivery, a wide range of services, systems and products are included including among others:

Given that a turnkey painting system includes equipment outside Moldow’s range of products, cooperation agreements with the best suppliers of e.g. robots, spray equipment and conveyor systems ensures the high quality of the whole painting line.

fully automated painting line
Semi-automatic Painting
Automated Painting line for Plastic