It requires a high quality painting line to achieve the best finish when painting plastic components.

Through the years, Moldow has built an extensive knowledge about painting of plastic components and synthetic materials, as for instance mobile phones, plastic items for the automotive industry, casings for TVs and lampshades.

A high quality pre-treatment, dust free areas and accurate control of the air currents are highly important to ensure a high quality product finish that lives up to expectations.

A Moldow turnkey painting line for plastic parts ensure:

  • Superior results
  • Continuous operation
  • Energy optimization
  • High reliability

A typical Moldow paint finishing installation is supplied with all necessary process zones: Load/off-load, cleaning, pretreatment, spray booths, flash-off, curing oven and cooling zone.

The lines are designed to minimize contamination between the individual zones to achieve the necessary high-end product quality. The minimum contamination between the process zones is ensured by a designed and accurately controlled down-draft ventilation system, including individual control of extraction and inlet airflows.

Kim Fabrin, Sales Manager
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