Since 1960 Moldow has supplied turnkey painting lines for the woodworking industry. During the last years, we have built up a large knowledge and integrated our experience into our solutions which makes a Moldow wood painting line unique.

Through the different processes we offer both horizontal transport on roller conveyors with insertion in our specially designed ovens or vertical transport on traditional overhead conveyor systems.

Painting of windows, kitchen cabinet doors and furniture are just some of the projects we have supplied painting plants for including high-gloss painting.

Turnkey Wood Painting Line

It is very important for us to make it as easy for you as possible. When you choose Moldow as your business partner, we take care of everything for you, so that you get a turnkey wood painting line delivered.

Given that a turnkey painting line includes equipment outside our range of products, we have cooperation agreements with the best suppliers of e.g. robots, spraying equipment, and combustion plants to ensure high quality of the whole painting process and the result.

Kim Fabrin, Sales Manager
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