When it comes to wet paint, the right pre-treatment is the foundation for a good final result. Whether it is sand or grit blasting to ensure good adherence and durability, CO2 or plasma treatment, Moldow can design the right solution.

We have much experience in handling the processes with wet paint and ensure correct discharge of solvent-based paint. Moldow’s painting lines always comply with environmental requirements and provide safety for the operators.

Manual Painting Lines for Wet Paint

Manual wet painting plants are normally chosen due to their flexibility and efficient handling of a varying amount of components. Even though the initial investment is smaller than that of an automatic, it is essential that the solution also consider ergonomics, safety and the environment. Even small painting plants have high operating costs if the solution has not been though through and adapted to the actual conditions.

Automatic Painting Lines for Wet Paint

Fully automated wet painting lines are chosen based on the demands for high capacity and uniformity of the results. However, the design of the plant is to a great extent the result of the type of paint chosen and its viscosity, flash off, and drying and curing time. In that process, Moldow’s experienced engineers and technicians make a difference when it comes to finding solutions that also consider space, logistics and energy consumption.

Using either a horizontal or a vertical conveyor to transport the components through the different treatments, the plants can handle items of different sizes thanks to the newest technology of dynamic scanning of moving objects.

Kim Fabrin, Sales Manager
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