Moldow Baghouse Filter and Fans for Efficient Woodwaste Extraction & Filtration

Our UK partner Filtermist Systems LTD was featured the recent issue of Panel, Wood & Solid Surface after having installed and commissioned an all-embracing dust extraction system for Dams International, a leading UK manufacturer and wholesaler of office furniture.

The dust extraction system includes a Moldow MHL 204-336 modular baghouse filter for 117,000 m3/hr and two, low-noise, 90 kW Moldow direct drive fans.

Excerpt from the article below. Find the article in full length on Filtermist’s website.


In common with most furniture manufacturers, fluctuations in production volumes for particular components, and variations in product styling requirements, mean that it’s actually quite rare that all machines are in use at the same time. Consequently, as Michael Dingwall confirmed: “The old extraction system was constantly extracting at levels way above what was generally required.” Following a full review of Dams’ requirements for current and future dust extraction and woodwaste management, Steve Rhodes, Systems Sales Manager at Filtermist, put forward a comprehensive proposal for the installation of an externally-sited Moldow filter unit complete with new extraction fans […].

Filtermist Systems Limited is the sole UK agent for ATEX-compliant Moldow filter units and the new installation at Dams features a Moldow MHL 204-336 modular baghouse filter. Moldow High Load (MHL) filter units are constructed from galvanised steel plate and are designed for high waste volumes and continuous 24/7 operation. At Dams the system is designed to operate under negative pressure which is provided by two, low-noise, 90kW Moldow direct drive fans; each fan having the capacity to extract over 58,500m3/hr from the ‘clean side’ of the filter unit.

At the top of the MHL unit are 20 filter sections, each with an array of anti-static filter bags, providing a total filtration surface area of 700m². […] A unique air regeneration system utilises a 4kW fan to automatically and continuously clean the filter bags during operation.

Dust purged from the filter bags falls into the hopper section at the base of the unit and is then directed by a drag chain conveyor towards a rotary valve, from where the waste is discharged pressure-free. A 22kW fan transfers the discharged waste to a fuel storage silo, for use in the company’s woodwaste burner or, when necessary, diverts it via a closed-loop system to a trailer for removal from site.

The installation serves over 20 machines, with a total extraction volume requirement of 130,0003/hr, and also includes spark detection devices and explosion non-return valves in each of the four main dust extraction lines. […]


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