Sponsorship contract with speedway rider Nicki Pedersen has been renewed

Since 2005 we have sponsored speedway rider and triple World Champion Nicki Pedersen. Since 2014, it as been as his main sponsor, and this agreement has just been renewed for another two years.

Nicki and his team are excited about this:

– I’m extremely happy to be cooperating with Moldow. To have such a loyal sponsor means a lot, and we have established a very special relationship, both professionally and personally, Nicki Pedersen says and continues:

– I’m very proud to represent Moldow, both locally and not least internationally, and proud that they wish to continue as my sponsor.

Managing Director of Moldow, K. Preben Hansen, says:

– We have been Nicki’s sponsor for approximately 15 years now, and we have always been very happy with our exposure and cooperation. Nicki is excellent at meeting our employees and customers giving everyone unique experiences. At the same time, Nicki has been a loyal and crucial rider for our local club, Holsted Tigers, which also means a lot to us.

– The agreement includes both Moldow and our sister company BarkerBille A/S, and we look forward to once again being represented on Nicki when he heads out for clubs around Europe and at international events, K. Preben Hansen says.

So far Nicki Pedersen has confirmed that he will continue this cooperation with Holsted Tigers in Denmark for another two years, and that he is changing to Rospiggarna in Sweden. Soon his future Polish club will be announced.

Sponsor Nicki Pedersen