Two Moldow Dust Collectors for Finnish Cardboard Manufacturer

They were looking for a more cost-efficient waste material handling system, and in close cooperation with our distributor in Finland, PPT Pölynpoistotekniikka Oy, they found a solution with our SB dust collectors.

Jet Filter for Cardboard Waste Material

First one filter for 30,000 m3/h was installed, and due to a need for increase in production capacity, an almost identical system was installed just after.

Each system includes a SBJ baghouse filter with a jet/air conveyor bottom which transport the waste material to a large capacity rotary valve, which then discharges the material.

With these new extraction systems, the noise level and energy use was reduced considerably, and the need for material separators was eliminated.

Besides achieving energy savings thanks to the efficient dust collector design, recycling of the cleaned air ensures further savings for the customer.

Cardboard dust collector