Today September 1st, we celebrate Peter Skjøth’s 25-year anniversary with Moldow.

Peter is one of our most experienced project managers and has led a large number of projects in both Denmark and worldwide. As a project manager, you must be good at juggling many balls in the air, solving problems and keeping track of all details and deadlines, all traits which Peter without a doubt displays.

He’s a very well-liked colleague and employee who is quick to put a smile on your face and always contributes to a positive atmosphere. He’s always ready to lend a helping hand and never balks at working nights or weekends if necessary.

In general, he’s also very committed and engaged in other people, examples of which are him being one of our company’s safety representatives, a “hjerteløber” (“Heart runner” – a Citizen responder who has volunteered to pick up a defibrillator and perform first aid if necessary in his neighborhood) and a figurehead in his local community.