With two new employments we have increased our capacity to ensure that we can offer the best energy saving solutions for our customers.

Thomas Rosager has for the last 25 years specialized in dust extraction systems and energy optimization of those. We are therefore pleased that he returns to Moldow after almost 8 years at IKEA Industry where he was responsible for energy concepts for extraction systems.

Together this employment, we also introduce our new Energy Saving Concepts, ENSACO. ENSACO is an improved and optimized version of the Moldow Energy Manager System with addition of energy saving concepts

To work together with Thomas, we also welcome software engineer Vítor Barros, who will be responsible for developing the ENSACO control system. Vítor has worked together with Thomas for the last seven years and thereby gained valuable experience and knowledge in this field.

When the ENSACO control system is supplied together with the Moldow range of filters, fans and other equipment and installation concepts, the total energy savings can result in up to 80% compared to conventional systems.

ENSACO is based on 18 years proven development and can be installed together with all existing filters.

At the LIGNA 2023 exhibition, we presented ENSACO with great success.

Thomas Rosager and Vitor Barros