Cylones for use in Dust Extraction Systems for Dust Separation

For cyclonic separation of coarse material from the air before it reaches the dust collector and filtering unit, a cyclone can be used. The metal construction and cyclonic filtering action allow for the safe separation of all materials even those which are very course or sharp which otherwise might damage typical cloth filters.

In a cyclone, centrifugal force is used to perform the material separation. Air enters the unit and circles the outer body forcing material to travel along the perimeter of the unit until it is slowed by friction and falls to the bottom of the unit.  Air and fine dust flow out of a center pipe to the unit outlet.

Moldow cyclones are manufactured in 6 sizes and designed for air quantities from 0.5 m³/s to 15 m³/s.

The cyclones are designed with a long inlet wrap, which ensures a small pressure-loss resulting in minimal energy consumption. The cyclones are delivered as standard in all-welded, lacquered steel plate, ST 37,2.  They can also be manufactured in stainless or acid proof steel, dipped or with a special surface treatment.

The Moldow cyclones can be used within the woodworking, paper & corrugated and fiber industries.