Reduce Extraction System Energy Consumption

Global demands for energy conservation and efficiency have produced a clear-cut market for energy optimized production equipment and have also brought focus to a company’s total energy consumption.

The Energy Manager is Moldow’s own PLC based control system that reduces the extraction system’s total energy consumption by ensuring optimal energy control and optimal airflow at all times.

Dust Extraction Systems are traditionally recognized as large energy consumers, and therefore Moldow has undertaken to develop a system which can reduce the energy consumption of dust extraction systems dramatically. Through the use of system monitoring and adaptive controls, Moldows Energy Manager system ensures that optimal airflow is provided at all times using the minimum power possible. This ensures large energy savings and minimal strain on the filter unit.

The Moldow Energy Manager is an integrated part of our filter systems. The Energy Manager is offered with varying levels of system monitoring and control from single input monitoring up to systems where each machine is monitored, which makes it adaptable to most customer requirements.


Up to 70% Energy Savings

The Moldow Energy Manager in combination with our filter units, fans and installation concepts can bring energy savings of up to 70% in comparison with conventional and competing systems.

  • Ensures major energy savings by adjusting the fan speed/airflow to the actual demand
  • Increases extraction and filtration capacity
  • Can in most cases be installed into existing systems